Dr. John L. Curry

Born: 1956
Nationality: African American
Categories: Minister

  • 1956 - John L. Curry was born on the 7th of December in Jackson, Mississippi to Samuel Ames and Bertha Curry Booker.
  • 1988 - He married Dr. Sheila R. Curry. He is the father of two and grandfather of five.


  • 1975 - He graduated from Waukegan High School, Waukegan, IL.
  • 1979 - He did an eight week foreign studies: Humanitarian mission in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
  • 1980 - He received a B.A. Degree in Speech Communication from Greenville College, Greenville, IL.
  • 1996 - He reveived a Masters of Arts Degree in Counseling and Pastoral Counseling magnum cum laude from Central Christian University.

Honorary Degree:

  • 2008 - Central Christian University conferred on John L. Curry the degree of Doctor of Divinity in October 2008


  • 1978 - He accepted his calling to ministry as a fourth generation preacher.
  • 1982 - He was licensed with the Church of God in Christ.
  • 1991 - He was ordained as one of the Pastors of Bible Way Church of America.
  • 2005 - He was ordained as a Pastor and Founder of Conqueror's Chrisian Center, Belleville, IL.

Social Activism and Transforming Culture:

  • 1992 - Dr. John L. Curry was the pivotal figure in bringing 60 Minutes to Belleville to do an investigative report on the police harassment of African American motorists. Dr. Curry received support from the Governor's office concerning the segment that 60 Minutes aired.
  • 1994 - He pushed over 40 churches to confront racism in the church. It was held at the Gateway Convention Center in Collinsville, IL. More than one thousand people were in attendance with Dr. John L. Curry as keynote speaker.
  • 1996 - He pushed for an Anti-Bias law for the city of Belleville in order to stop discrimination and police harassment of African American motorists.
  • 1997 - The Anti-Bial law was passed. Dr. John L. Curry, Dr. Sheila R. Curry, along with Judge Milton Wharton and Dr. Janet McReynolds formed the Human Relations Commission. Later, Belleville hired its first African American police officers, first African American police chief and now the first African American detective.
  • 1998 - He stood against the dragging of a young, black motorist by three young, white men in the city of Belleville. A press conference was called and Minister Ralph Muhammad of the Nation of Islam and Reverend Johnny Scott of the NAACP came for support.
  • 1998 - He organized over 30 churches to participate in the first Color of Love worship service at St. Peter Cathedral hosted by Bishop Wilton Gregory. Dr. John L. Curry was the keynote speaker.
  • 2000 - He was selected as one of the most outstanding leaders of Southern Illinois by Rev. Jesse Jackson of Rainbow Push organization.
  • 2005 - He was given a proclamation from the City of Belleville.
  • 2005 to 2009 - He has been conducting race relation dialogues in small towns across the State of Illinois and the nation.
  • 2007 - He finished a twenty-five year career with The Illinois Department of correction as a Prison Warden.
  • 2009 - He held the first "Nations Race Relations Dialogue: No More Us and Them. We are One" at the St. Clair Square Mall in Fairview Heights, IL.
  • 2009 - He spoke out against the beating of a young, white male by three African American male students on a school bus. He organized a counter protest of love for those who spread hate when a white supremacist group came to Belleville.
  • 2010 - He was the recipient of the Dr. Martin Luther King Award from Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
  • 2011-2013 - Many dialogues concerning the heart and race.
  • 2013 - The Nations Group held a dialogue concerning "America One Nation, many Guns"


  • Dr. John L. Curry is Founder and Director of The Ish Project, a mentoring program for at-risk boys and girls.
  • He is President and Founder of Curry's Training and Management Consultants, which provides training and counseling services for the community and business organiztions.
  • He is on The Advisory Board of Logos School for the last chance students.
  • He is a life coach, inventor, recording artist, author, and entrepreneur.


  • The Ish Project, a mentoring program manual.
  • The Conqueror's Drug and Alcohol Program Manual.
  • The Race Relations Manual.
  • The book Breaking the Cycle of Sin.
  • The Biblical African History Manual.
  • Looking for My Father Again DVD Series.
  • He Is Founder and Producer of Spoken Word Audio Tracks (S.W.A.T.)
  • The book The Spirit of Attraction.
  • The book God is Loving You Through The Storm
  • The book Truth to Power - Race in America: A Quick Glance from my Perspective.

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