The Vision

Conqueror’s Christian Center is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, as we reach them, disciple them through the teaching of the Word of God with simplicity, clarity and understanding and then deploy them back into the world as conquerors to increase and advance The Kingdom of God.

The Mission

Building Those Of Tomorrow Today, Serving People, Changing Lives

The Strategy

Prayer Team: This team prays for the needs and members of the church. The team will pray for government, society and many other major functions that may occur. Sunday morning intercessory prayer and Saturday morning prayer 9 – 10 a.m.

Ground & Water Outreach and Evangelistic Team: A team will go out to win souls to JESUS CHRIST once a month, every month. This team is the blood to the body of CHRIST, which is the church. They will specialize in soul winning. Outreach training new convents. How to live a Christian life style one day at a time.

Mission: Goal is to establish a shelter care for the homeless and the needy: And also provide a job training program for those that want to work. As well as a re-entry program for ex offenders.

Education: Goal is to establish a GED program: Through receiving a high school education, they may have a better understanding of the Word of GOD, thus becoming a better person, and Christian.

Education: Goal is to establish a Substance Abuse Program: Focusing in the area of prevention, intervention, for believers and unbelievers. Teaching them how Satan controls their lives through the power of witchcraft, under the mask of cocaine, alcohol and other drugs.

Evangelical: MW4C Youth Program: This Biblical based program will be for the youth of the community and in the church to teach them the WORD of God and to apply it in their everyday life. Teachings that concern all areas of life.

Education: The Conqueror’s Christian Center College Scholarship Fund for Students within the Church: This fund will be for students that are in good standing within the church. It will help them pay for books and supplies, providing they have at least a 2.5 grade point average.

Mission: Goal is to establish a Hospital Ministry Team: This team will have four (4) members that will primarily visit those that are sick and shut in reporting to the Pastor or the Associate Pastors.

Media Public Relations Team: This team will primarily be working toward establishing partnerships with other churches and agencies in the community and outside of the community. This will include writing letters; creating flyers and agency visits in order to be effective to the people we minister to.

Recreation Ministry: Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. Building your body for CHRIST using various physical fitness programs like aerobics, eating healthy and working out using weight equipment to mold your body into a stronger and healthier specimen. There will be basketball teams, aerobic classes and plenty of family fun.

Worship: Minister of Music: This function will be to set up the choir. The adult choir will also help lead in the songs of praise in the morning service and many other functions. May also provide CD’s or tapes to play during morning service.

Worship: To establish a Music Ministry: This function will be to record all sermons Sunday morning, revivals, special guest speakers and other functions.

The ISH-Project – Training boys to become men.

The ISHA Project – Training girls to become women.

Conqueror’s Christian Center Bookstore: Providing messages to go, CD’s, tapes of the services, books, manuals, videos and other products that will help you grow in your Christian walk.

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