John Curry Ministries

A Fusion in Covenant Maximizing the Power

For those who seek to partner

When you become a covenant partner with (JCM) you are part of a fusion in Covenant maximizing the power in your life. The covenant is designed to strengthen the parties who are involved in order to maximize their abilities to do more for The Kingdom of God.


To be part of JCM we ask that you sow $120.00 annually. When you become a covenant partner you will receive the following:

  • You will receive intercessory prayer daily.
  • Counseling and coaching in areas of concern.
  • Messages that will help you grow in The Kingdom of God.
  • You will receive the Conqueror’s benefit package pamphlet.
  • You will receive The S.W.A.T message (Spoken Word Audio Track)
  • Other products at your time of need.
  • You will be part of reaching intercity youth.
  • You will be part of building unity with all nations.
  • You will be part of a global initiative to bring in The Kingdom.
  • You will receive a membership certificate.
  • You will be part of the Nation’s group, healing racism.
  • You will be part of the ISH Project training boys to be men.
  • You be updated on special events. 

Be part of a fusion in covenant while maximizing the power.
John Curry Ministry

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